Marks or Knowledge?

What is common between The CEO of Google and the owner of Facebook? Yes, obviously both are successful. Now if I may ask what is the difference between the two? Well, one holds his degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur in Metallurgical Engineering and the other one is just a college dropout! But today nobody asks them their qualifications or their high school percentage.

Now, the question arises what really matters if success can be achieved either way. If you are an advocate to the idea that marks are more important than practical knowledge or vice versa, then this article may help revise your prospect.

When we talk about marks and knowledge, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is definitely the schools and the education system. The modern-day education system is thoroughly marks based and it influences the society to cast a spotlight on the same. Just like the caste division, the education system has divided the students according to their percentages. The toppers are treated like kings, the average students as the commoners and the below average students as paupers. To what extent this division is right? Marking System is the medium to create a healthy competition, not to create a sense of division and inequality in the minds of young students. This system surely makes a student doubt his capabilities. Marks cannot judge an actor or a singer. Marks cannot even judge how much does a child know about the subject. Nevertheless, the impact of these marks based system is huge on our society, it seems to be obsessed with Marks. There have been cases where the cause of a student’s suicide is just a ‘C’ grade on his report card! Thus making the  Marking system a devil in a student’s learning age.

Humans have a sense of penchant for society as well as societal norms. Peer pressure can make a human do things or think in a particular way which he would otherwise avert. Some think that being a topper in exams and scoring good grades in every exam is the foundation to success in life. What if Sachin Tendulkar, Lata Mangeshkar, and Kapil Sharma struggled to be the school topper? Maybe then India would have lost a legendary batsman, an extraordinary singer, and the most popular comedian. And I am damn sure that the real reason for the success of these people was not their grades. The knowledge and passion inside them for their respective field gave them their share of success and fame. So this totally shows how one’s passion and thirst for knowledge along with hard work can uplift a person and to most of the people, it seems a legit path for success. Follow your dreams, hard work and succeed. But following this lifestyle is not everyone’s cup of tea. Gaining knowledge and working on your dreams may seem like a fantasy, but this path is full of hurdles and difficulties. But the one who overcomes these hurdles lives his success!

We now have some perspective to compare between marks and knowledge. Most of the readers by now might have shaped up their mind with the thought of ignoring marks totally and focus simply on knowledge. Now comes the reality check. If you ignore marks completely, then you won’t get a good college for higher studies. Now here we can say that marks play criteria in this competitive world. It is obviously crucial for sorting out the best and deserving candidate but again one should never take pressure to be on top of this competitive ladder. Maybe you are not made for these criteria. Maybe you can be judged better in some other criteria that is equally important. Maybe your score in athletics is better than the school topper! You are like the fish who is being told to climb a tree! So maybe you will take the time to find a lake to swim and show your caliber to the world. Just have some patience and till then give your best in this rat race. Marks will definitely make you feel low but life opens doors to many opportunities. Life has much more in store for you than these ‘A+’ grades.

So what should a student focus on? The most obvious answer to this question is that he should not study only for the sake of getting good marks but to gain practical knowledge which he would then apply in his daily life and maintain a balance between marks and learning something that won’t just obtain you marks but also skill and knowledge. Also, remember that it is good to score well in academics but your mission should not be restricted to this. In this era, the one who deserves success achieves it even after being a failure in academics and the one who does not have anything new would eventually fail to make a mark despite being a Topper.


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