Ideal Education

What does ‘Ideal’ stand for? Something we pursue, we choose to be, we want to reach, and in education, in this field of utmost wisdom, our ideal is freedom. What sort of wisdom can be better than something liberal, something that ends up giving us wings? Education is the best way of love. It is selfless. The one who teaches is the one who loves and the one who learns is the lover. Can there be more words added to this ideal term of knowledge and power?

Education is believed to be life improving. Furthermore, the Education System is a tool that expedites this improvement. Something which is crucial to life, shouldn’t that be ideal from all the facets? I am sure we’d all agree to this. But have we given a thought to what actually these facets are? If not then let us spend some time to untangle the enigma.

  • Competent teacher

For an ideal education, the foremost factor is a competent teacher in every educational institute. A competent teacher is the one who in the other way helps in building the nation by transferring the best knowledge to the students. Teachers must possess the required qualification. Since the classes are branched into various levels, a different set of skills is required for teachers teaching in different classes. A teacher must acquire interpersonal skills to give the students the required comfort level. Teaching should not just be narrowed to lessons, it must be a way of building the future.

Competent teachers

  • Practical cum Theoretical

Theoretical knowledge teaches us the hypotheses of great philosophers, observations of great geographers and discoveries of great scientists whereas practical knowledge gives us wings to experience these theories. Since the pair tend to complement each other, both become equally important. An ideal education must include both in equal proportions, which in turn, would add fuel to the learning mechanism.

Practical Theory

  • Overall development

We must have heard the ever popular phrase, “All work and no play makes Jack a Dull boy.” Well this holds true in reality too. Instead of focusing just on the studies, an ideal education system should include a curriculum which includes major disciplines like sports, arts, performing arts, etc. which will help bringing out the talent of an individual. Interactive sessions encompassing almost all the vocational subjects like SUPW classes should be conducted for students of all standards.

Overall development

  • Stylus & Pen – hand in hand

We live in the era of technological grandeur. Technology has managed to touch every possible domain. We now have mobile apps to learn everything, simple to sophisticated. With technology’s predominance, the traditional teaching system is losing its charms and has taken quite a back seat. It has all been reduced to a tiny screen – easy access, advancement, development and what not. However, it has limited the scope of humanity as we are supposed to be social animals in practice, not on applications. Today’s education system should be a gateway to conventional methods as well as futuristic routine. There should be a stress on regular classroom teaching in order to build an interactive teacher-student and student-student session with audio-visual classes as a mere support.

We are not here to depend entirely on the future prospects of a system but to inculcate things from the past into a system enriched with technology for a sustainable future.

                                       Stylus Pen  

  • Road to a Secure Environment

For any educational institute security must be the major concern, even before putting the foundation. From minor safety measures like proper electricity connection to addressing a much bigger concern of harassment – ragging, bullying, molestation or any other sexual and/or physical assaults – an educational institute must ensure a healthy environment for the students, the teachers and the staff to teach and learn.

Safe schoolgoing


An ideal system is a myth. To shape up such a system, the circumstances need to be ideal too, which often does not hold validity. Things happen to fidget and oscillate. Nevertheless, there must be an attempt.

Education is a mode of transport that takes us through the road to development, an all round development for all of us and all around us. We are supposed to make the world a place better than we found it when we had opened our eyes.


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